We have been a partner of Shop The Floor since 2015-2016 , and have successfully connected with new, qualified accounts via their digital platform. The team is very helpful and hands on, and the user-friendly platform has proven to be a trusted solution to building and maintaining relationships, as well as a convenient avenue to showcase our latest denim collections.
Erdinc Ardie Ulukaya
SVP of Sales – Mavi
ShopTheFloor has been a great tool in and out of tradeshows.  The team is always there to help and their product photo shoots are absolutely everything. They display photos of our collection in the marketplace and retailers from all over the country have reached out to me to connect. It’s so easy!
Ian Hernandez
Account Executive – French Connection
Shop The Floor provides an interactive method of displaying our full ALL BLACK collection each season. We used this service even more this year because our branded website is being updated and ShopTheFloor is a great alternative website. ShopTheFloor provides brand and collection awareness, when buyers see us on ShopTheFloor we get leads and even visits at our booth at the trade shows.
Martin J. Rose
Agent & Distributer – ALL BLACK by ACL Footwear Company
I find myself adding to ShopTheFloor daily. It has been a great tool for us and we are always looking forward to the results from upcoming shows! It’s great to get a featured spot on the website. We are very excited and are highly motivated to make it a success. I look forward to more additions to the products every day!
Brian Aufdenberg
Wholesale Manager – Sailor Jerry
When I opened the ShopTheFloor website link and logged in I said to myself there is no way I am going to be able to do this! To be brutally honest I am not from a tech savvy generation.  I contacted the ShopTheFloor customer success team and they pointed out just how easy it is. Once I got past my fears and dove in I was shocked how the website guides you through each process. I took a line sheet so I had all the pricing and descriptions in front of me. Then about an hour later I built a website. My boss thought it looked great. To sum it up #surprisingly easy.
Leslie Lang
Senior Account Executive – In Cashmere / Colour Works
ShopTheFloor allows you to contact and connect with retailers and it’s such a wonderful program. You get your photos uploaded and then send notes to your prospective clients and customers and if you have samples put the samples up there so they can understand what the product is about. It’s such a helpful tool.
Chris Manley
President – Surfside Supply
We already had over 100 connection requests from buyers before the show even started, what a success!
Lauren Osterstock
Director of Branded Content – BB Dakota
I like to browse ShopTheFloor the week before the shows to get an early idea of trends to look out for as well as try to find new brands to see.  It’s a good preview to help make the show more efficient for me.
Joey Mendez
Co-Owner – Ulah
Here at Bombfell, we are always looking for new brands, both emerging and established to keep us relevant in an ever-changing consumer climate. ShopTheFloor is a valuable tool that helps our buyers to sort through product from the vast number of vendors, which can be so overwhelming as a whole, in order to hone in on the most relevant products to our business at the right time.
Sarah Lee
Director of Fashion – Bombfell
ShopTheFloor played an important role in helping our buyers make the most out of Project Show. We were able to have access to all the participating brands as well as their products ahead of time, which made the process of navigating the show that much easier.
Philip Sblendorio
Owner – Sprezzabox